Circa 2012, I started cooking as a way to keep myself busy out of the normal 9-5. What started out as an side activity quickly turned into a passion. From learning about international cuisines to trying to perfect various flavor combinations & plating techniques, little did I know I’d fall in love with it all!

Just your average dreamer, dancer, and diner [plus bad pun enthusiast]. Okay but really though, they’re my hobbies. I love daydreaming and getting into deep thought and conversation over what I want my life to be like in the future – especially over coffee or wine. Dancing is something I’ve been been doing since I was a little girl, and let’s just say I’ve represented my Indian culture well: Bharatnatyam, Indian Folk, Garba/Raas, Bhangra, Bollywood, and a bit contemporary here and there. Now dining is a skill, from going to the finest eateries (Taco Bell on lazy days) and savoring the moment. Through these moments is when I really discovered I want to experience this even more, but how?

My family and culture have been the biggest inspiration in my life. I’m so lucky to know so many exceptional cooks. The happiness they bring to the table with the love they put in their food is enough to make me want to do the same. My life goals revolve around showing people that they can express happiness and love by simply being their beautiful, wondrous selves.

Being a data analyst & tech nerd, I love challenging myself and strategizing new ways to analyze things. Whether it’s organically building this website from a vision I had or using simple ingredients to create culinary creations: I love innovating. I love creating.

All of my homemade recipes are inspired by my own experiences: from the people and places I’ve encountered, to my Indian heritage and culture, and of course, my own imagination. Authenticity is the finest ingredient.

Just sharing the love that comes from good food to make your inner-souls happy. 🙂